Wednesday, January 13, 2010

S1-07 50 Best Inventions of 2009

Visit this website to look at the 50 best inventions of 2009.

Pick 5 and select what you think is the best.

Post your comment and justify why.


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  2. 1. Controller-free gaming ( Xbox Natal 360 )
    2. Teleportation
    3. Bladeless fan
    4. Handyman's X-ray vision
    5. 3D camera

    I think that the Controller free gaming is the best invention as it requires no controller to play games.

  3. 1.The Edible Race Car
    2.The Bladeless Fan
    3.Robo Penguin
    4.Controller-Free Gaming
    5.3D Camera

    I think the race car is the best invention as instead of burning fossil fuels that pollute the environment, it actually uses vegetable oil that is easy to get and does not do much harm.
    Also instead of producing ozone which is harmful, it produces oxygen that is beneficial for us.

  4. 1. The bladeless fan
    2. Teleportation
    3. The $20 Knee
    4. The levitating mouse
    5. The edible Race Car

    My reason for choosing the bladeless fan for being the best invention of 2009 is because I find it unique and special as it can "make" wind without the use blades. That I think improves safety and that reduces the risk of getting injured if the fan falls on you.

  5. They are controller free gaming, Teleportation, Nasa's Ares rocket, the bladeless fan and Aids vaccine. I think that the best invention is Teleportation as it can allow people to go to places easily. Everything will be esier this way as the roads will be vehicle free

  6. 1.the tank-bred tuna
    2.the $10 million lightbulb
    3.controller-free gaming
    5.NASA's Ares rockets
    the controller-free gaming is the best, as it can fuel my passion for gaming.

  7. 1.Controller-Free Gaming
    2.Vertical Farming
    4.The High-Speed Helicopter
    5.The School of One

  8. 5) Foldable speakers
    4) 3-D camera
    3) Teleportation
    2) The electric eye
    1) AIDS vaccine

    With the vaccine, more people will not die a terrible death from the disease.

  9. The supersuit, the edible race car, The spiderweb silk, vertical farming and the controller free gaming. These inventions are very creative and will improve our lives

  10. 1. controller-free gaming.
    2. The aids vaccine
    3. tweeting by thinking.
    4. The yike bike
    5. The handheld ultrasound.

  11. 1. Controller-free gaming
    2. The telescpoe for invisible stars
    3. The bladeless fan
    4. The foldable speaker
    5. Spiderweb silk

    The best: Spiderweb silk.
    Reason: They can be used as bullet-proof vests as they're light and stong, unlike steel or other metals which are strong but heavy.

  12. 1. Controller-Free Gaming. Gaming without controllers is more convenient and we also get to exercise.
    2. Bladeless Fan. It is safe and makes air more purified.
    3. NASA's Ares Rocket. it can fly man to further places and man will know more about other planets and may even find aliens!!
    4. Tweeting by Thinking. It allows people to tweet their true feelings and they don't even have to type.
    5. 3D Camera. We can see things in 3D without having to wear clumsy 3D glasses.

  13. 5 Inventions I have picked
    1. Teleportation
    2. Bladeless Fan
    3. Electric Eye
    4. Tweeting by Thinking
    5. 20$ knee

    Best: Teleportation
    Reason: Teleportation is the best invention I think because it would allow people to travel to different places much more faster and therefore makes life more convenient. It also saves the Earth as fuel would not be needed for passenger planes and ships.

  14. 1. The Vertical Farming
    2. The electric eye
    3. Controller-free gaming
    4. Bladeless fan
    5. The handyman's X-ray vision

    The best is the Vertical Farming as it provides us with food but also saves space.

    Darius Low

  15. The NASA's ares rockets as it can help us travel further into space.
    The controller free gaming as it can be more interactive.
    Teleportation as it can help as reduce our carbon footprint.
    The tank bred tuna as the number of tuna in the wild is very low and it can help as spawn tuna.
    Thhe handyman's X-ray vision as it reduces the work of the handyman.

  16. The Controller-Free gaming,Telescope for Invisible Stars,Planetary Skin,Levitating Mouse and the Supersuit. I think that the Telescope for Invisible Stars is the best as it will have findings of new sources of heat for people to adapt when the earth runs out of usable supplies.

  17. I picked the Tank-Bred Tuna, the $10 Million Lightbulb, the AIDS Vaccine, the Dandelion Rubber and the Meat Farms. The $10 million Lightbulb is my first choice as it can save the earth, it reduces the amount of electricity used.The Tank-Bred Tuna and the Meat Farms will provide more food for the people and save the animals from going extinct. While the AIDS Vaccine will save lives. All these inventions can improve lives and that is why I chose these inventions.

  18. 1. The Eyeborg
    2. The Solar Shingle
    3. The $10 Million Lightbulb
    4. The Smart Thermostat
    5. Teleportation

    I think that the Eyeborg is the best invention as it can help people with the inability to see to regain their vision. This would convenient them in their daily lives.

  19. I think the Controller-Free Gaming is the best,as it encourages people to be more active when playing games and exercise more.

  20. 1. The AIDS vaccine
    2. The bladeless fan
    3. The smart thermostat
    4. The controller free gaming
    5. The $10 million lightbulb

    I think that the AIDS vaccine is a new breakthrough in biotechnology, the can also help people who got AIDS.

  21. Teleportation
    Controller-free gaming
    Smart bullet
    Edible racecar
    The Handyman's X-Ray Vision


  22. I think the Solar Shingle is the best because it helps to save money and our natural fuels used to produce energy, it can also be used as the roof. Next is the Electric Eye then Teleportation, Handyman's X-Ray vision and last but not least the Controller-Free Gaming.

  23. Justify:
    1) Save time
    2) More convenient
    4)Save the Earth
    5)Benefit handyman

  24. The top five are as follows:
    controller-free gaming by microsoft
    $10 million lightbulb by philips electronics
    the smart thermostat by energyhub
    the fan without blade
    the tank-bred tuna

    I think the best invention should be the tank-bred tuna , it has great taste and it is a sustainable seafood that mean it does not pollute the environment.