Saturday, January 30, 2010

Innovation, Invention & Creativity

Find a YouTube video of a product or service that you think exhibits the qualities of innovation, invention or creativity.

Post a comment with the URL to the YouTube video and and explain your choice.



    I chose this product as innovation, invention and creativity is about new and original things which will help make work easier. The Macbook Wheel is the first laptop to not have a keyboard and instead of a keyboard there is a big wheel instead.

  2. URL:

    I had chosen this video as I believed as those inventions shown in the video can not only help save many lives, but can also save the Earth due to the fact that they are all environmental-friendly.


    Well, I decided that it is a masterpiece as it fits all the aspects of creativity, being innovative and it is a great invention, and trust me, it takes hours to create something as good as this!! It also shows the concept of how a future draw-bridge can be like.


    I have chosen this video because i think that it is really creative to invent a 'touchscreen' table top. It is very useful as everything is just a touch away. I feel that it is better than other touchscreen products as the screen is very big so , naturally, the icons are bigger and thus, it make it easier for us to press them, compared to smaller icons.

  5. It proves its use of being able to smelt metals to liquid within a few seconds and burn holes in bricks. Using the simplest element and minerals, this invention will help reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and still being environmentally-friendly.


    I chose this video as I thought that the cars showcased were very interesting inventions. Also through the use of the cars, we are able to revolutionise parking and prevent others from getting harmed in accidents.


    i like this invention as it's quite innovative and creative. It can help people who have 'butter fingers' when they clean windows. It is actually a spray bottle combined with a roll of tissue at the bottom. Thus, it helps people who often drop their tissues when they clean windows, glass etc.


    I chose this invention because they can join together to form something else.It can be useful because when you need different types of robots,you just need to use lots of small robots to form the types of robots you need.


    I chose this invention as the chair itself is very unique. Being able to bend and form any shape you want it to be appeals to everyone. Furthermore, the chair is not just for show. It can be sat on and will not collapse. This I think is truly genius.


    I chose this video because it creatively made people to recycle in fun way. While people is playing with the machine, him/her is also doing something to improve the environment, that is killing two bird with one stone. It also made a tiring chore like walking to the recycling bin to recycling bottles into something fun and interesting to do, I think that is creativity.

    I chose this video as it creative and innovative. It lets people have fun as they recycle. To beat the high score, people have to recycle many bottles instead of throwing it away. By recycling, they are saving the earth and they need not spend money as they use their used bottles.

    Lim Hao Yang


    I'll only explain the "logic" inventions which I approves.
    2nd) It is a staircase which consists of a shoe cabinet, not only it saves space but also a great way to hide your jewelry.
    7th) What happens when your hands are full and only one hand is free and yet you are lazy to take the cookies and the cup at two goes, the solutions, put the cookies in the space below!
    11th) Need some light for you to sleep? A dual two-in-one lamp which can act like a alarm clock but gives out light, a bright way to start your day!
    13th) Got butter fingers? With this glass' finger grips, there is no way that it will drop onto the floor.


    I chose this video as it encourages people to pick up litter. They have fun as they hear some sounds, which stimulates the bin being very deep. Fun obviously changes people's behaviour for the better. As they are having fun, they also help to clean up the place.

  14. I have another innovative invention!!

    I chose the new Apple iPad as it is mobile. It has many applications, and you can browse the web in your fingers. It is better than an iPhone or a Mac. You can watch Youtube, go to the iTunes store, watch movies, check your calendar, many other stuff you can do.
    It is an amazing invention.

    I like this video as it shows that recycling can be fun with a little innovation and creativity.It makes the bin sound very deep and makes people interested in throwing rubbish.


    I chose this video as it is on hybrid cars which runs on electricity and not petroleum. This way, we can save the Earth by not using to much petroleum.


    I like these products as they really help make people's lives better. The solid ink can reduce waste produced and reusable paper can help reduce trees cut down.


    I chose this video because I think the creator of this product is very creative as he manage to lead more people to recycle without they themselves knowing. It is really innovative as the creator have thought of what most youngsters would like to do: playing games; so the people who uses the machine would recycle more bottles to beat the high scores.


    I chose this video as it is very creative and it also encourages people to throw their rubbish in the rubbish bin instead of throwing it on the floor, and this idea will also help to save the earth.

  20. The URL:
    I chose this video as it is the sign of innovation. It is a brand new idea and it works! It is a brilliant idea that could help to reduce global warming and decrease the use of petrol and diesel, which are fossil fuels. It is one example of Invention.