Thursday, September 23, 2010

What did I learn from the presentation?

Post 3 things you learnt.

2 things you wish the presenters had done.

1 thing you can improve in.


  1. Brought the actual prototypes
    Be more specific about their product

    Bringing the actual prototype

  2. I wish that the presenters could have answer the questions given by the students in further detail.

    I wish that the presenters were familiar in not only their own product, but their other group members' products.

    I can improve the way I recover from the mistakes I make during the presentation so that I can become a better presenter.

  3. I've learnt creativity does not limit on new products. Another one will be on what a theme is, for example a light bulb theme need not to be a real light bulb it can also be a notebook with the shape of a light bulb. I've learnt how to see problems as opportunities.
    Erm.. a google sketch up and more illustrations on the keynote?
    Doing a little more?

  4. 1) Penguins are awesome for products
    2) Apples are versatile

    I can prepare in advance

  5. i have learnt that penguins can make excellent products

    i have learnt that being innovative does not mean one must create something totally new

    i have learnt that anything could be innovative

    video presentations

    sound effects and more pictures

    our presentation could be further improved

  6. I have learnt that we would need to use advertising techniques to sell our product.
    I have learnt how to present in a more simple and direct manner to sell our products.
    I have learnt that the teamwork is very very important.

    They could have elaborated more on the product that they are presenting on and the name of the product should be more catchy.

    I could have a better pose and would look more to the other audiences to capture their attention.

  7. 1. I wish my group had pictures for all their products.
    2. I wish the presenters could have a more detailed picture so it is easier to understand
    3. I think I can speak better and explain a bit more clearly.

    Darius Low

  8. Penguins makes excellent products

    Brought the prototypes
    Be more specific

    Bring the prototype

  9. 3 things I learnt:
    1. I have learnt that different things can be converted into innovative products
    2. I have learnt that there are different ways to promote innovation and enterprise.
    3. I have learnt that penguins can be good products for marketing.

    2 things I wish the presenters had done:
    1. They could have organised themselves better (just like our group could have done)
    2. They could have been more specific in the things they present

    1 thing I can improve in:
    I can find out and present more about my product as we were not well-prepared for this presentation.

  10. I wish the presenters had added more prototypes.
    The presenters' slides can be more interesting.

    I can make the real prototype. That would be a value add.

  11. I learnt how the different products linked to I&E, that creativity has no limits and that it was possible to create a product of quality.

    I wish the presenters could have given an example of their product and explain how they would plan to promote it in the market.

    I could have brought the actual product and created a google sketchup on the product.

  12. Marcus :
    i learnt that penguins make excellent products
    i learnt that innovation has no bounds
    i learnt that everyone is innovative
    i wish that i could have prepared my prototype
    i wish that iMao could make products that i will not eat up
    i could have improved my group's presentation

  13. I learnt that
    -How to present
    -How to present well
    -How to present very well

    2 things
    - NA

    -Be more specific

  14. I learnt how products can promote I&E, learnt how to use advertising techniques in our speech to further promote our products, and which products and ideas would more likely attract the attention of customers, and make a more effective sale.

    I wish the presenters had added more pictures of their products, as most of them did not have many photos to show their product. Also, the presenters could have put more information of the products in their slides.

    I could have brought the prototype for the 2 products, and made the presentation more interesting.

  15. I learnt that :
    1. I learnt that in Iande, anything is possible
    I learnt that innovation is the root of all creation
    I also learnt that we can do anything

    2. I wish that the presenters would have engaged with the presenters more. I also would liked more if the presenters would have described their products more.

    3. I could have not talked so fast.

  16. I learnt that
    -When we have facts and figures, it will appeal to a wider variety of customers
    -We can create various designs of one item to appeal to a wider variety of customers
    -We must be enthusiastic and look confident

    I wish that the presenters
    -had more eye contact
    -speak more enthusiastically.

    I can improve in my eye contact.

  17. 1. I have learnt how to create a product using just random topics related to the I&E context and the problems. I have learnt that it is necessary that Innovation and Enterprise comes in to ensure that the product is an excellent one. I have learnt that how to showcase the product in better ways and make it stand out compared to other products in the competitive market
    2. I wish the presenters could make have more enthusiasm when presenting (as seen in many presenters when evaluating) I wish the presenters could also maintain more eye contact to allow the presentation to be more engaging.
    3. I would like to improve in my fluency in speech.

  18. I have learnt that
    we have to be prepared in order to give a good presentation
    we must have prototypes in order convince the audience
    it is important for us to give detailed explanation of out products

    Bring in more prototypes.
    Be more prepared.

    Bring the prototype.